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Sorry, Again no Post today

AGGGH I really want to rip my head off right now. I'm SO sorry I can't get you guys an update today, I've been procrastinating on my English stuff so I'm still only 2/3rds done with it D*:

I have the scans for two more pages, and I just need to edit them, but I currently don't have the time. I've been also working on pg. 20 something in Chapter 1, as my sister's been killing me about that. I've been getting pretty lazy lately, and I'm SO sorry for that. please don't kill me....

Again, sorry. If I finish my interpretation today, (Honors English sucks but oh well) I WILL HAVE A PAGE FOR YOU! That sounded like I was angry but oh well. Again, sorry, and I hope to get some pages done!

And if you like the comic, vote for me here!

posted by IPadDoodler @ April 21st, 2011, 4:59 pm  -  0 Comments

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